Deliver Performance

Using traditional network and systems intelligence, Orus Marketing offers an online panel of
over 35,000 respondents, consumer interviews, focus groups, mystery shopping and more.
You can find below the various services we provide.


Experience gained from the studies held in the most extensive areas help us to offer accurate and optimized services with project management, ongoing assistance in all stages of investigation and detailed reports.

CATI center located in Bucharest - Romania, has 15 research stations equipped with modern technology that works to the highest standards.


  • in-house 15+ CATI stations in Romania - Bucharest
  • experienced supervisors and trained interviewers
  • CATI programming tools with on-demand sound recording and quality checks
  • scripting and data processing team
  • possibility to make calls via VoIP.
  • our team is comprised of experienced operators, which allow the application of telephone interviews and questionnaires standards, ensuring accurate results.
  • provides immediate reporting of the study, an authentic verification of information and rapid delivery of results.
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