We Think Globally: CAWI

Using traditional network and systems intelligence, Orus Marketing offers an online panel of
over 35,000 respondents, consumer interviews, focus groups, mystery shopping and more.
You can find below the various services we provide.

Web surveys and online qualitative research (focus groups, blogs and forums).

You name it, we've done it, including segmentation, usage and attitudes, customer satisfaction, tracking, concept testing, pack testing, price testing, ad testing/ad recall, shelf testing, intercept interviewing or usage simulation tests, which can be run as projects on paper, laptops, iPads or even as in-home testing.

  • Sampling
  • Translation of questionnaires
  • Programming
  • Data collection of paper surveys, table
  • Delivery of translated open-ends and coding of verbatims
  • Transcripts
  • tabulation and char reports
  • Series of table using SPSS
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